In this section there are some typefaces designed by me or by my students. All of them are original and with a very unique and genuine personality.


Cuchi qué Tipo, 2022

Escuela typeface is born in an attempt to reflect so many current influences of modern grotesque fonts that are trying to better reflect the values of today's world; Escuela can be striking and ideal for headlines in large text and heavy weights, but at the same time serious and readable in smaller bodies or regular and fine weights. Its wide range of characters, which includes a set of emoticons ideal for signage, work and evaluation documents, as well as inclusive, is ideal for educational centers, whether they are more playful (schools) or more pragmatic (universities). In fact, "Escuela" means “School” in English. For this reason, Escuela is your best ally when it comes to preparing texts that transcend students through a contemporary and different, but functional, character.

Escuela Showcase.pdf
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Guau Font!

Cuchi qué Tipo, 2020

From the abyss and the quarantine hell, drawn in absolute lonelyness, and finished during the darkest hours of confinement… Guau! is born, the type that barks directly at your face! Designed by Carlos Campos, Guau is a highly-contrast display font with as many weights and versions as there are types of puppies in this fantastic world. It is thought to bring up glances in middle and heavy boxing weights, although you can also take its compressed and italic styles just for a walk. Guau is a variable font with three axes (italic, weight and width) and 20 instances, and it also contains thousands of glyphs and Opentype features that means a "guaorld of posibilities". Definitely, Guau is your new best friend!

You can see it animated here.

Guau Showcase.pdf
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Cuchi qué Tipo, 2023

As "Zenith" means, in an astronomical context, the highest point reached by a celestial body, my new typeface raises its drawing for carry it to the highest expression. In an effort to design a singular graphic and visual letters system, the contrasts and proportions of “Zenit” boosts up and are squeezed as much as possible, resulting in a very particular aesthetic, while still maintaining a certain grotesque reminiscence. Given its daring and futuristic style, “Zenit” is an ideal typeface for use in designs that want to discover new space worlds full of color and speed, still unexplored.

Zenit, the typeface that rockets you!

Zenit Showcase.pdf
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Cuchi qué Tipo, 2022

Aljaraz (meaning “small bell” in english) is a curvy typeface inspired on the “Fat face" letters with an extremely bold design from the early 19th century, but with an insolent touch of brave and psychedelic distortions.

Aljaraz has a regular and italic variable, and in both styles the capital letters have a swash alternative where the naughty touch reaches its maximum expression. It is ideal to recall the lysergic era of the 60s, write funny words, or simply to express small texts in a display way that powerfully attracts attention.


Let Aljaraz inspire you groovy kind of love!

Aljaraz Showcase.pdf
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Cuchi qué Tipo, 2021

Berganza is a typeface designed as a tribute to the spanish century called Siglo de Oro. Embellished with several ornaments and swashes, it quickly reminds an age in which castilian arts & letters were flourished, as well as the fantasy knighty fables adventures of heroes, loved ladies and evil villains. Talking about technics, Berganza is a modern typeface but with a humanist flavour. Thanks to its various styles and flourishes, it immediately refers to the culteranism aesthetic of that time. But also, Berganza takes advantage of the contemporary technology, highlighting in his drawing the contrasted forms and certain broken and unusual strokes in order to give it a brave and different style touch.

You can see it animated here.

Berganza Showcase.pdf
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Fran Lara, 2021

Vandelvira is a typographic project that delves into the historical legacy of the province of Jaén (northern Andalusia), aimed to spread the culture and tradition of this territory, based on one of its greatest artistic exponents: the architect Andrés de Vandelvira. In the forms and ornaments of these letters, the characteristics of his work during the 16th century are graphically reflected, and it serves as a memory and honor, as a historical legacy of this marvelous "genius loci" of the Spanish Renaissance.

You cand find out more about Fran Lara in Behance and Instagram. To get Vandelvira you can ask me personally through the button on the top right.

Vandelvira Showcase.pdf
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Cuchi qué Tipo, 2021

Miau is a decorative typeface, designed only to be used for letters or single words. It is built from the basic skeleton of script letters, and its origin and main concept is based on experimenting with shapes that play the extreme of readability. Being a variable format typeface, we have from the thinnest and lightest version (Hiss), to the thickest, dense and compact (Purr), passing through the average (meow).

The final result of this experimentation is defined into a very contemporary typeface with a geometric, modular and non-terrestrial flavour. Its name comes from the onomatopoeia of "Meow" in Spanish, since all my fonts are named with titles of domestic animals, or related to them.

You can see it animated here.

Miau Showcase.pdf
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Belle de Mai

60KILOS / Guillermo García Díaz, 2020

Belle de Mai is a variable display typeface, conceived and designed in 2020. It’s inspired by the cultural shock between high cost, inner-city zones and lower cost suburbs in big metropolitans cities such as Paris, for example. This is the case of Belle de Mai, a neighborhood located on the outskirts of Marseille. Belle de Mai is inspired from the most classical French culture, and the urban landscape architecture to build a typeface that embodies both sides of the city, making it an elegant, edgy, serif and display typeface. With a total set of 380 glyphs and with a capacity for 8 weights, it includes a big amount of Open Type features.

Licenses and trial version available at Type Department. 60KILOS is a graphic and type design based in south Spain. You can find him on Behance and Instagram.

Belle de Mai Showcase.pdf
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Cuchi qué Tipo, 2020

Chavea is a calligraphic font. It is inspired by the writing learning books, typical of Spain in the mid - twentieth century. It has three variables in the thickness of the stroke. The variable Fine is the one that best adjusts to the original shapes of the letters in these learning books, while Black is the most usable, and Extra-Black experiments with legibility, pushing the closing of the counterforms to the limit. Most of the lowercase letters link to each other, while the capital letters have a more decorative purpose.

By the way "Chavea" comes from gipsy languaje "Caló", and means boy or kid. You can see it animated here.

Chavea Showcase.pdf
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Cuchi qué Tipo, 2018

Gajorra is a typeface with less future than the flowers of a fair carriage, but more fun than jump off a slide. It is dedicated to one of the most well-known and loved desserts by Egabrenses, the "Gajorros". They are a traditional sweet of the city of Cabra (Córdoba), and they are usually served in Semana Santa. It is a dough that is spirally shaped in a very curious way. The reason of this typeface is just because I wanted to learn how to use the layers and colors in Glyphs, plus I also combine it below with a variable type that means the olive oil of these sweets when you leave them freshly fried on the kitchen paper. Definitely, a very crazy font!

You can see it animated here. To get Gajorra you can ask "Cuchi, qué tipo" personally through the button on the top right.

Gajorra Showcase.pdf
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