"Cuchis" are casual events dedicated to promote the typographic culture in Andalusia, and they have the particularity that each time they are held in a different city. Below you can see the ones that have been held so far.

Cuchi, ¡qué tipo! #8 - MÁLAGA

September, 2022

The tour of the Cuchis through Andalusia continues, and in September, 10, we met wonderful friends and went to "La Calma Playa" (chiringuito beach bar) in Málaga, where we had some magnificent talks by these cracks, specialized in typography and editorial design!: Ángel Olmos, Natalia Arnedo, Ana Moliz & Ramón Soler and Pedro Arilla. Amazing!

Cuchi, ¡qué tipo! #7 - GRANADA

February, 2022

"Cuchi" meetings are expanding throughout Andalusia! This time we were very lucky to be in Granada, at the "El Rapto", where the signpainter master Elisa Pérez (AKA "Madame Letters") gave us a workshop. And after that, we had the talks of Aníbal García and Nano Torres (both graphic designers specialized in typography and calligraphy). Terrific!

Cuchi, ¡qué tipo! #6 - CÓRDOBA

October, 2021

"Cuchi" meetings are expanding throughout Andalusia! This time we were very lucky to be in Córdoba, at the "Jugo Vinos Vivos" bar, where we had the honor of listening to JuanCris (multidisciplinary and artist), Pablo Gallego (typography design) and Rafa Quintero (calligraphy, traditional lettering). Thanks to all the attendees, we are waiting for you in the next one!

Cuchi, ¡qué tipo! #5 - JAÉN

June, 2021

In 2020-21 academic year, we have had such a great variety of typefaces designed by the 2nd EAS students. Congratulations to all of them for the high quality and originality of these projects, that were exhibited in the fifth edition of "Cuchi" in the pub "La Marimorena" in Jaén. More info and credits in Cuchi, qué Tipo Ig. Good summer, health & letters!

Cuchi, ¡qué tipo! #3 & #4 - ONLINE

July, 2020 & October, 2020

The next two editions of the Cuchis had to be online due to covid. Salva Cerdá, Vanesa Aguilera and Elisa Pérez (third edition), and Andreu Balius, Fran Lara and Viky Rodríguez (fourth edition) participated.

Cuchi, ¡qué tipo! #1 & #2 - JAÉN

November, 2019 & February, 2020

The first two Cuchis were carried out in the Jaén Edita workshop, owned by the master printer Antonio Damián. We made handcrafts, consumed local products and presented projects by Ana Moliz and Rodolfo Fernández (first edition), and Carlos Campos and Juan Montoro (second edition).