Welcome to the blog of "Cuchi, ¡qué Tipo!". Here you have a small site where you can find some interesting news and contents about the development of typographic love among the local culture where I live in Andalusia. "Cuchi"… I hope you like it all!

Andaluspain Pack

April, 2024

In this font pack you can find the digital interpretation in typefaces of the most emblematic signs of Andalusia: classical letters painted from Seville, lapidary carved in stones from Cordoba, or tiles with the festive mood from Malaga, among others. The fact of converting these traditional lettersigns to typographic software recovers them forever, and allows you to give them new uses such as artistic, identity or touristic. These five typographic references have been chosen based on their historical and artisanal value, and all of them are highly recognized by the public. See it on "Typefaces"!

Órbitas Jaén 2024

March, 2024

2024 edition of "Órbitas Jaén, encuentro con creatives estelares / Orbitas, meeting with stellar creatives" was a sucess! Over again, we are glad to say that this event brought to the city of Jaén the highest references of national creativity: Marisa Gallén, Un Mundo Feliz, Madame Letters, Ingrid Picanyol… among others. Thanks to everyone who made it possible, especially to the students of EAS. See you next year!

Cuchi, ¡qué tipo! #11 - TOLEDO/MADRID

February, 2024

For this Cuchi we went to a route and an exhibition in Madrid by "Red Ibérica en Defensa del Patrimonio Gráfico", where we saw some important signs of the capital that are considered graphic heritage. And we were also in Toledo, at the letterpress studio of the great Edu Merchán… What a weekend full of letters!

60's Lettering Models Collection

December, 2023

“CEAC 60´s Lettering" is one of the collections I like the most for my library of “classics”. Here is shown dozens of showcases and examples of graphic and commercial signage, that served as a model for many of the signs that we can still see today in Spain (whether painted, made of metal, plastic or other materials...). An incredible and delicious source of retro inspiration!

Málaga Type v.4

November, 2023

The great meeting for lovers of letters in Spain has returned this year: "Málaga Type". A very big pleasure to listen to Dídac Ballester, Madame Letters, Gema Navarro and Iván Castro. What a level of presentations! Thank you very much and congratulations to the complete Rayitas Azules team for organizing it, and hoping for the event of next year!

Letters of Europe journey

August, 2023

This summer I´ve been traveling through Europe in search of letters; Budapest, Vienna, Prague (pics 1 to 4), Antwerp and Brussels (5 - 9) are all marvelous cities of the old continent that contains wonders of lettersigns on their facades, as well as the Plantin-Moretus museum, a UNESCO World Heritage site (10 - 11) and the private printing collection Letter-Kunde, kindly directed by Patrick Goossens (12 - 13). Such a pleasure to know these beautiful places!

Lapoya Typeface

July, 2023

“LAPOYA” (meaning in english “the coolest”) is a large slab serif typeface family, with a certain Italian inverted contrast touch. Specially designed for advertising big shows and commerces, Lapoya has 36 variables and four axes. It also has icons that remember the old aesthetics of wood types from the early 20th century, and more than 400 characters that make Lapoya ideal for up to 89 languages. That’s why this type is LAPOYA! See it on "Typefaces".

36 Days Of Type 2023

May, 2023

Just finished the 10th edition of 36 Days Of Type challenge, and these are my final characters set, both caps and minuscules! They are from my typeface Zenit, and you can see them all here, hope you like! Thanks to "Treintayseis Studio" for organizing such an amazing challenge through the years, see you in 2024!

Cumbres Corella

April, 2023

So glad to be part in "Cumbres Corella" design conferences, organized by the EASDi Corella (Navarra), among others great designers like Fyero Studio, WellDone Comunication or Pepe Gimeno! Very grateful, and congratulations to the organization (especially the students, we had a great time there). I hope see you soon!


February, 2023

As "Zenith" means, in an astronomical context, the highest point reached by a celestial body, my new typeface raises its drawing for carry it to the highest expression. The contrasts and proportions of “Zenit” boosts up and are squeezed as much as possible. Given its futuristic style, “Zenit” is an ideal typeface for use in designs that want to discover new space worlds full of color and speed, still unexplored… Zenit, the typeface that rockets you! See it on "Typefaces"!

Cuchi Reel

December, 2022


I share with you this great video of my typefaces work, made by the great Viky Rodríguez! I hope you like it!

Málaga Type v.3

November, 2022

For the third time, lovers of typography and editorial design had an unmissable date at the Victoria Beer Factory. Málaga Type 2022 ocurred on November 10 and 11. On thursday there was a Glyphsapp workshop, taught by Rainer Scheichelbauer. And on Friday, the conferences took place. We enjoyed the talent and knowledge of Fer Vallespín, Bianca Dumitrascu and me; Carlos Campos! (Cuchi, qué Tipo). Thanks Rayitas Azules for such a cool experience!

Rótulos Chuléricos Jaén - The exhibition

November, 2022

The exhibition Rótulos Chuléricos de Jaén/Supercool lettersigns from Jaén has taken place in the Moneo Building (former Bank of Spain). From the 3rd to the 26th of November, it will host a show which you can see a large part of the signs that Juan Montoro "El Creata" and Carlos Campos "Cuchi, qué Tipo" have rescued during two years of activity, as well as various pieces of  graphic heritage of the city, that have been kindly ceded by citizens of Jaén. We wait for you!

Postcards & Kora Ampersand

October, 2022

Beautiful projects are coming in autumn, and in order to celebrate it, I have decided to print postcards and stickers, and put all my typefaces on a big sale at YouWorkForThem and MyFonts. And Kora has loved everything!

2nd EAS Students Typefaces 2022

May, 2022

Such a great level, this 2021-22 academic year, we have had a great typefaces designed by the 2nd EAS students. Congratulations to all of them for the quality of these projects, that were exhibited in the pub "La Marimorena" in Jaén, while we had a fun time. More info and credits in Cuchi, qué Tipo Ig. Good summer, health & letters!

36 Days Of Type 2022

April, 2022

Just finished the 36 Days Of Type challenge, 2022 edition! And these are my final characters set, bold and light, from a future "Pouring" typeface. You can see them all here, hope you like! Thanks to "Treintayseis Studio" for organizing such an amazing challenge through the years, and last for many more!

Órbitas Jaén© 2022

March, 2022

"Órbitas Jaén©, encuentro con creatives estelares / Orbitas, a meeting with stellar creatives" is back again! We are glad to say that, after two years off, Órbitas has brought back again to the city of Jaén the highest references of national creativity: Andreu Balius, Diego Areso, Ana Moliz or Josep María Mir among others. Thanks to everyone who has made it possible, especially to the students of EAS!

Málaga Type v.2

November, 2021

A great meeting for lovers of letters has returned this year: "Málaga Type". A very big pleasure to listen to Laura Meseguer, LucíaTypes and Diego Areso. What a level of presentations! Thank you very much and congratulations to the complete Rayitas Azules team for organizing it, and hoping for the event of next year! More info in Gràffica.

Stefan Sagmeister workshop

September, 2021

The last two days I have been lucky enough to assist the workshop “How to touch someone's heart with the design”, by Stefan Sagmeister, one of the most provocative and influential creatives of the last decades worldwide. Thousands of thanks to the team of Moments Festival 2021 for making it possible! See the full the interview I did Stefan for Rayitas Azules here!

36 Days Of Type 2021

April, 2021

Finally, I finished the 36 Days Of Type challenge, and here I show you mi final composition. There are all letters from my types currently: Berganza, Perra, Guau, Chavea and Gajorra. All are available in the typefaces section, I hope you like them!

Chatting Andy Cruz (House Industries)

March, 2021

Founded in 1993, the mythical House Industries is a subversive design studio, a lover of metal and punk culture, cars and skateboards. It is specialized in typefaces and lettering work, and has a portfolio of such important clients such The New Yorker or J. J. Abrahams. We were with its founder Andy Cruz, and making him a few questions that you can see now in Rayitas Azules.

Lettering workshop on boxing gloves

February, 2021

In boxing, "Jab" means a direct hit with the left hand, while "Cross" is the same but with the right. In order not to get lost in words and to hit the punch porperly, we had to learn lettering techniques and draw these words on the gloves that were left for us at the gym. Great work signed by the 3rd EAS students!

Typewknd 2020 speaking

January, 2021

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to speak at a fantastic free online global event: Typewknd. This talk is now available online. Thank you Typewknd for letting me be part of this great meeting!

Supercool signletters from Jaén

December, 2020

After months of documentation and hundreds of photographs and writing many many lines, we have the honour to present you the book "Rótulos chuléricos de Jaén / Cool signletters from Jaén". A great compilation of thirtyfive lettersigns and stories made in Jaen (Spain), where you will find a generational journey through the graphic heritage of the city where I live & love.

Letters from the world

June, 2020

This world is full of letters; all of them comunicate a textual content, but, also in addition, they are dressed in very different ways, which is why they add another message to that content, if possible even more powerful. Here are some examples. All the photos by Carlos Campos (Cuchi, qué tipo!).

Alex Trochut, the digital craftsman

January, 2020

Alex Trochut is a radical creator, since "radical" comes from "root", and Trochut dives down to the very roots of the letters to catch their essence and bring to light aspects of them, that, at first glance, might seem impossible. He continuously experiments with the most unsuspected tools in a tireless search in pursuit of expanding the expressive limits of the letters. 

Keep reading on Rayitas Azules.

Typographic sketches

December, 2019

After the initial phase of analysis and inspirational research, the first sketches of the future typefaces of the 2nd EAS students are produced. They are only sketches, but they represent the starting point, which will end in a few months with a complete, valid and functional typeface for multiple projects. Congratulations!

Herb Lubalin, the typography giant

November, 2019

Herb Lubalin (NYC, 1918 - 1981) revolutionized American advertising and editorial design in the second half of the 20th century. Fonts such as Avant Garde Gothic or Serif Gothic, the creation of the International Typeface Corporation (ITC) or the magazine U & lc (Upper and lower case), are some of its landmarks best known by the general public.

Keep reading on Rayitas Azules.

Órbitas Jaén© 2019

February, 2019

"Órbitas Jaén©, encuentro con creativos estelares / Orbitas, a meeting with stellar creatives" is an event created with the main objective of bringing to the city of Jaén (southern Spain) the biggest references of national creativity. We are glad to say that in the past editions, this event attracted to an audience of 400 people maximum. Besides, Órbitas is free and does not charge entry, it is not for private profit and it is open to everyone. Thanks to everyone who has made it possible, especially the students of  Enseñanzas Artísticas Superiores de Diseño Gráfico!

Western calligraphies

April, 2019

They are already drawn! After hard effort and hours of sweating ink, we have the calligraphic notebooks with the gorgeus alphabets that the students of 1st in Enseñanzas Artísticas Superiores de Diseño Gráfico have drawn. Bravo for them!